Branding, web & marketing materials for the tech investment experts

An ambitious rebranding venture, daring website design/development and slick marketing materials for one of the most recognised names in the tech investment world.

The Brief

NOTWICS is an investor relations and tech start-up/scale-up business consultancy agency. The founder and CEO, Chris Lowe, fronts all of the company’s projects and is very client-facing. He wanted a brand and website which truly stood out from any competitor and also represented his charismatic personality.

The Solution

Before we picked up a single pencil to do so much as a sketch, we had three meetings with Chris, to get a deep understanding of his business, vision, clients and personality. We discussed many options and decided upon a highly creative and fun cartoon vector style. I don’t think we’ve ever laughed so much during a design meeting!

The Result

We LOVE this website. Occasionally, we get the opportunity to unhook the creative hose pipe and let it spray! During the client’s website launch party, it was amazing to see people smiling and laughing (in a good way!) at the creativity of our work. We also created a number of business cards, email signatures, event banners and Mailchimp newsletters to refresh the brand across all platforms.

Our Role

Brand Development
Art Direction
Custom Vector Illustrations
Website UX
Web Design
Web Development
Business Cards & Other Marketing Materials
Event Banner Design

Typeface and Colours









Website Design & Development


Client Testimonial

"Red 13 did an excellent job grasping the quirky nature of our business, drilling down to commercialise and communicate our message while maximising the effectiveness of the unique design (which we love). We are a very satisfied customer who is recommending Red 13 to the NOTWICS community, which is over 1000+ founders. Not only have they helped the NOTWICS digital brand grow, but they have designed incredibly slick investor slide decks for many of our clients."

Chris Lowe

Founder, NOTWICS

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